Whatever your projects and requirements, we are able to tackle the toughest challenges. We build both desktop and web based applications which can scale from mobile to workstation.

Our custom C++ engine can be extended to import any custom file type, (provided there is an api available), and our rendering engines can be tuned for a vast range of requirements.

Technology Highlights


Our rendering technology is capable of displaying massive data sets. Our Web based renderer is potentially the fastest renderer on the market, making it possible to show more complex data, with richer details than existing commercially available solutions. Our WebGL renderer runs on any device and delivers best in class rendering quality.

Data Loading

Our server technology loads and processes industry file formats. It analyzes them, optimizes and compresses the data ready for sending to the client. This means that even on a mobile data connection, the large data assets area streamed in quickly while the user interacts with the application.


Our lighting system uses heavy duty processing power on our servers to pre-compute high quality lighting. This gives us accurate, global lighting while keeping the rendering on the actual device fast and efficient.


Our custom visualizations can be embedded into any website, much like a Youtube or Vimeo video.

Commercial Solutions

You may be considering building your tools on top of existing game based engines(such as Unity or the Unreal Engine). While these tools enable users to get started quickly, they are often limiting in the way they can be customized. Their performance often degrades as the projects get more complex, and the long legacy of game development usually offers little benefit to enterprise application developers.

Instead, our new technology has been built recently and according to the needs of enterprise software development. Our engines directly consume the file formats required, and do not assume a team of artists are available to polish and tweak the data. The code for our system is new and lightweight so our our highly skilled team of engineers can customize the engine to fit your requirements quickly.

Note: the scene below features a massive data set. There are 55k individual geomteries in the scene, including all the individual seats, railings, lights and equipment. Yet this scene loads quickly in the browser, and even renders quickly enough to be viewed in VR.