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Breathtakingly quick
CAD visualization
in the browser
Visualize entire vehicles
Visualive’s innovative engine can easily handle large CAD projects containing millions of entities – enough to bring many traditional apps to their knees. And it does with breathtaking speed, all in the browser.
Renderer build for CAD
The Visualive WebGL renderer loads and renders large CAD models quickly and efficiently. CAD Files are uploaded to our servers where they are converted to compact custom files that can only be loaded by the Visualive WebGL rendering engine. The files contain the parametric surface definitions created in the original CAD application (e.g. Solidworks, Catia or Inventor).
Exploded views and cutaways
Enable your collaborators to explore your CAD data in detail by configuring exploded views that highlight via disassembly precisely how a system is best understood.
Visualive easily handles complex data sets that would bring conventional apps to their knees
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